A multimedia analysis and intimate exploration: 


What is the The Bra?


Inspired by my bra hanging to dry on the bedroom doorknob, I examined the form of this calming piece of lingerie, intimate and common. I wear a bra everyday. It looks so harmless and peaceful hanging there yet it is a necessary piece of my daily armour. 

The Bra is ubiquitous, a universal garment. It is the quintessential over-shoulder-bolder-holder, racy-lacey, sexy, structural, sporty, frumpy, uncomfortable, second skin, necessary, optional, nursing, training, nude, floral, coloured, black, white, underwire, seamless, private, public, essentially female, always loved and hated. 


What does The Bra mean to you?

Please let me know:

Katrina Herrndorf

Designer, Bra Artist, Bra Lover 

Toronto, ON, CANADA



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